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Afgelopen week was Melissa bij Dr. Oz

Bekijk de volgende filmpjes:

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In 1974, Melissa Gilbert, the young star of Little House on the Prairie, was Hollywood’s “it” girl. For 10 years, Melissa portrayed Laura Ingalls on what would become one of the most popular TV series of all time. Melissa spent her formative years on the Walnut Grove set, and, looking back, she says that experience shaped her in many ways.

Melissa says her greatest influence was Michael Landon, the show’s executive producer, director, writer and star. “I learned from the best,” Melissa says. “I had Michael Landon as a boss, and he was brilliantly talented. I mean, the show’s never been off the air. It went into syndication while we were shooting it.”

Watch as Melissa discusses the show’s popularity and reveals which onscreen archrival was actually her closest friend.

Melissa Gilbert’s father died suddenly when she was 11 years old, just two years after she landed a lead role on Little House on the Prairie. For decades, Melissa believed that her father, a World War II veteran and a talented entertainer, had died of a stroke. In recent years, however, she began looking into what had happened. “I couldn’t get any answers, so I hired a detective,” she says.

In the above video, Melissa opens up for the first time about what the detective discovered, and shares how the news affected her emotionally.


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Melissa Gilbert was pas te gast bij Oprah, ik had gezegd op de site dat dat vorige week zondag werd uitzonden, maar ik zat fout. Het word morgen (2 november) uitgezonden in Amerika. Wanneer en of het in Nederland word uitgezonden weet ik niet.

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